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Greetings, members:

Seeing as our numbers have skyrocketed in the past few days, I’ve decided to post an “Official” rules and guidelines journal entry. If you don’t think something is fair or are having trouble understanding something, post a comment on this entry and I will respond as soon as possible.


1. Respect one another. This should go without saying, but I run across a lot of people who make it their personal mission to be a jerk.

If you’re being disrespected by another member, note the founder, Mystiecub, and provide a screenshot or link of your complaint as evidence. If you are the one being disrespectful, please be aware that it’s three strikes and you’re out. No exceptions.

2. This is more of a friendly suggestion rather than a rule, but those who receive critique are strongly encouraged to return it. If you are not looking for critique, I suggest putting a note in the description of your upload so that others don’t comment upon receiving +watch messages from the group.


1. The Featured folder is closed to submissions. It is reserved for featuring Photos of the Week and the Runner-Ups.

2. The submission limit is set to 7 per week. Whether you decide to do all 7 in one day or submit once a day is up to you.

3. Digital Art, Photomanipulation or any other kind of altered photograph is not automatically eligible for submission to this group. I will allow some very well-done and extremely realistic manipulations to be accepted, but if it's obvious the photo has been altered then it will be declined. Standards are very high for this kind of art.


1. As it should go without saying, please submit to the correct folder. I do understand that mistakes happen, so if you submit to the wrong folder just note the founder or comment on the submission process via correspondence message and we'll work it out from there. If I don't receive a message from you, your submission will be declined with a note designating where it should be placed. No exceptions.

Specific folder guidelines are listed below.

2. Unless it involves a predator being fed, please do not submit images of injured, maimed, or dead animals. Taxidermy is not eligible for submission to this group. Please use the Mature filter where appropriate.


1. Please DO NOT submit stray or feral cats into the Wild Cats folder. That folder is reserved for Tigers,  Lions, Sand Cats, Panthers, etc..

2. Monkeys and Bunnies/Gerbils/Guinea Pigs both have their own folder. Although technically they can be a reasonable fit for the Small Wild Mammals folder, they do not belong there. Ferretts belong in the Bunnies/Gerbils/Guinea Pigs/Etc. folder.

3. Raccoons, squirrels, meerkats, prairie dogs, voles and the like belong in Small Wild Mammals.

4. I've decided to place Red Pandas into the Small Wild Mammals folder. According to what research I've done, scientists have classified them as relatives of raccoons: NOT bears.

5. Animals that live exclusively in water (or are commonly associated with being in water) belong in the Aquatic Life folder. All Otters, Seals, Sea Lions, Crabs, Lobsters, Oysters & Clams, and Shrimp should be submitted here.

6. [Update 9/6/2014] An Amphibians folder has been added. Place Frogs, Toads, Newts, and Salamanders into this folder.

7. [Update 9/15/2014] Although I am aware that hyenas are, scientifically speaking, NOT canines, I have decided to let them stay in the Wild Dogs folder.

8. [Update 10/15/2014] Centipedes and Millipedes are not insects, but they are closely related invertebrates. Although scientifically speaking they are not classified as insects, I think it would be easier for the group to just submit them to the Insects folder anyway. A bug is a bug. :P

9. I have created a new folder "Other". This folder is for placement of photographs that are close-ups of an animal's hide, shells, feathers, claws, feet/paws, close-ups of eyes, and other miscellaneous captures. Eggs, nests, and other similar things may also be placed into this folder. Any animals that do not fit into the other folders should be placed here.

That should be all. Remember that if something doesn't make sense or seem fair, you're welcome to question it.
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