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Hello, members: your founder, :iconaccursedgrace: here. I am pleased to announce that group function is ready to return to normal, and I would like to start out by hosting another feature.

Since Animals In Action! was such a big hit, I'm planning on hosting a similar feature this time around. But this time, I want to see your fuzzy, feathered, and scaled friends!

The theme of the feature should pretty much speak for itself, but all I'm looking for is a photo of your pets. Bonus points for stories attached to the animal!


- Photos that were featured in Animals in Action! are not eligible for this feature.

- The photo or piece of digital artwork must be of decent condition. No excessive motion blur, distortion, or extreme editing. It must look like a photograph!

- Be creative! Your photograph doesn't necessarily have to be a portrait.

- You may submit as many photos as you like, but only up to two of your submissions will be selected. This goes for both group members and other members of dA.

- Submit by the deadline. Visit the thumbshare forum to view the thread for this feature [LINK:… ]. The thread will be locked Saturday, March 25 at 10:00 EST. The feature will be posted the following day on Sunday the 19th.
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Submitted on
March 9